Streacom DB4 Fanless Chassis

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Streacom DB4 Fanless Chassis

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Introducing the DB4, Streacom's most ambitious fanless case to date, featuring a bi-symmetrical design that is uniquely bold and blurs the line between technology and art.

With the DB4 we set out to not only redefine what a PC case could look like, but the performance and compatibility achievable from a fanless solution. Every element of this case subtly screams premium, from the 13mm thick extruded aluminum side panels to the precision CNC’d internal frame, all perfectly blended together with the Streacom characteristically understated design tone.


  1. An elegant and sophisticated all aluminum chassis
  2. Compatible with mini-ITX motherboards
  3. Passively cooled CPU and power supply
  4. Designed for efficient fanless cooling

 The identical sides of the case serve both as the striking monolithic exterior and the convection surface (or heat sink) for component cooling and is the basis of its fanless operation. The challenge was to create an efficient heat sink that didn’t look industrial, one that would actually be integral to the sleek exterior, and the result speaks for itself. Each side can handle 65W of heat dissipation and can be coupled to provide 110W of total CPU cooling.

Options to consider

Beyond simply looking impressive, the DB4 solves one of the biggest complexities of building a fanless case. Traditionally motherboard choice is limited and alternative heat pipes might be required depending on layout, but the DB4 rewrites the rules. With both the motherboard and side panels being parallel, the heat pipes run perpendicular, away from any components and in combination with the flexibility of the universal bracket, means that virtually all ITX motherboard are compatible with the case.

Our existing CPU mount has also been re-engineered to be adjustable and universally compatible with any socket. It now features a copper shim interface between the IHS and heat pipes which creates a more efficient all copper thermal path to the heat sink, greatly improving cooling performance. To make assembly easier, all the side panels are removable, as is the motherboard tray, leaving an open frame with plenty of accessibility.

Building on the innovation of our F12C, components are fitted using a universal bracket system that supports, drives, heat sink mounts and the ZF240, allowing components to be mounted anywhere along the frame of the case, delivering a truly modular and flexible layout.

The DB4 measures 260 x 260 x 270mm but still manages to accommodate an ITX motherboard, a dual slot full height PCI card (max 200mm), up to 5 x 3.5” or 12 x 2.5” drives (lots of combinations in between), and can be powered by our Nano or ZeroFlex PSU solutions.


Streacom DB4 Fanless Chassis Specifications
Chassis Material
Premium Grade (6063) All Aluminum, 4mm Thick Extruded Panels
Chassis Finish
Silver, Black, Titanium - Sandblast Finish
Motherboard Support
Drive Capacity
Maximum 5 x 3.5" or 12 x 2.5" *
Optical Drive Bays
Optical Kit for slim slot loading drive
USB Ports
2 x USB3.0, Bottom Facing
Expansion Slot
2 x Full Height Slots (MAX 200mm Length, 110mm Height)
4 x 6mm Heatpipes with 65W / Side Panel, Expandable to 110W**
Power Supply
External Dimensions
260 x 260 x 270mm (W x D x H)
Remote Control
Net Weight
7.5kg - 9.7lbs
EAN: 8718469090457
EAN: 8718469090464
EAN: 8718469091492

* Many different combinations of both
** Additional LH6 heatpipes required. As with any passive cooling solution, environmental conditions will have an impact on the performance. A location with adequate air flow and moderate ambient room temperature is required.

Image shows Streacom DB4 LH6 Kit logo.
See more detailed information in the Streacom DB4 LH6 Heatpipe Kit User Guide.
Image shows Streacom DB4 GPU Kit logo.
See more detailed information in the Streacom DB4 GPU Heatpipe Kit User Guide.
Image shows Streacom DB4 ODD Kit logo.
See more detailed information in the Streacom DB4 ODD Kit User Guide.

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