Fansis Silica Gel Anti Vibration Fan Screw - Blue 8-pack

Price: $5.95
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Case fans are a common source of unwanted noise within a PC, and the best way of reducing the noise they make is to replace them with high-quality quiet fans. However, even quiet fans still make some noise and when the noise from high airflow is reduced, a lot of the noise that remains is caused by motor bearing “rumble”, which is transmitted into the PC chassis and amplified. The end result can be annoying low-frequency vibration. However, this is easy to cure by “decoupling” the fan from the case, rather than using metal screws to tightly fix it in place.

These super-soft silica gel “screws” from Fansis are brilliantly effective and are a great solution to the problem. They come in a pack of 8 which is enough to mount two fans, and they are extremely pliable yet strong and long-lasting. They have smooth corners to prevent the propagation of cracks when stretched and full fitting instructions are included on the rear of the product packaging.


  1. Extra-soft blue silicone gives optimal fan noise reduction
  2. Compatible with all fans with standard mounting holes
  3. Easy to fit and remove - no case modifications required
  4. Excellent value for money and long-lasting (durable and tearproof)
  5. Package contains 8 mounts - enough for two fans